Celebrating 20 Years of Business!


Alpha Scientific is your local Calgary solution to any and all autoclave sterilization needs. With 25 years of experience, Alpha Scientific helps businesses in every sector to choose the right autoclave, and we also service autoclaves and can troubleshoot them if something goes wrong.

The Importance of Autoclave Sterilization

The autoclave is a sophisticated piece of equipment that uses water, steam, heat, and pressure to sterilize equipment, instruments, and materials and kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. We understand the importance of your autoclave, and that is why we are available to you locally in Calgary to keep your autoclaves up and running.

Essential Autoclaves for Various Industries

Autoclaves are an essential part of many businesses such as medical offices, research facilities, hospitals, veterinary clinics, dental offices, industrial businesses, and tattoo establishments. Not only are autoclaves essential, but they are also a critical piece of equipment that sterilizes instruments and materials and are used frequently. The safety of patients, clients, clinicians, and researchers depends on the reliable operation of autoclaves throughout Calgary.

Reliable Autoclave Services in Calgary

Alpha Scientific understands that your autoclave has to operate effectively every single time you turn it on. Whether you have a small autoclave sitting on a counter or a large autoclave that takes up a whole room, we are available to you in Calgary to supply, install, repair, and maintain your autoclave.

Your Professional Autoclave Specialists in Calgary

We are your go-to professional autoclave specialists in Calgary. Contact us today at (403) 800-2023, and let us handle all your autoclave issues so that your autoclave is working correctly every single time and you have the right autoclave for your application.