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TEK T65AR-SUR-M4: 45° Surgical 4 Hole

TEK T65AR-SUR-M4: 45° Surgical 4 Hole

Category: Dental
Sub Category: Dental Handpieces
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TEK T65AR-SUR-M4: 45° Surgical 4 Hole


Self-illuminated integrated LED Generator Highspeed
Neutrally colored daylight balanced LED light
No need for fiber optic tubing.
Internal E-generator, pneumatically driven powering the internal LED.
Anti-retraction triple water spray.
Works in your current unit, regardless of whether there is an external light source
No need for an external light supply
Anti-retration system to prevent the entry of oral fluids into the handpiece, prolonging the life of the bearings.
Outstanding cutting perfomance, smooth and quiet operation.
Available in 45° surgical head angle.
Press button chuck for quick, easy bur change
Ceramic ball bearing
One year guarentee (6 months for turbine)

Technical Information

Operating pressure (psi): 30 to 35
CRI :> 90
Brightness (lux): 25,000
Color temperature (K): 5,500
Triple spray for better visibility, cooling and cutting speed
Speed (rpm): 350,000
Supply voltage: 3.0 to 3.8V
15 Watts of power
Grip power: 25-45N
Speed of generator (rpm): 18,000 to 22,000
FG burs (mm): Ø 1.595 ~ Ø 1.600
Life of LED bulb: 5,000 hours