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Swift + Sure Compact Autoclave

Swift + Sure Compact Autoclave

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$3975.00 each

Just when you thought small autoclaves were good...WE GOT BETTER!

Lease to own from as low as    $108.00 a month. Call for details 


Check out all the many features of our new compact automatic autoclave:

SWIFT– more instruments per load makes it faster overall


SURE – Process data stores automatically for your records

$3,975 delivered

*taxes extra
* to most locations in Canada

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MEET THE SWIFT + SURE Class S Steam Sterilizer

NEW COMPACT AUTOMATIC AUTOCLAVE provides the most cost and time efficient sterilization solution. Compact. Powerful. Reliable Built to last with premium features in every machine.

  • FAST sterilization cycles – 10 minutes unwrapped Flash Cycle – dry to dry
  • 5 programmed sterilization cycles: Flash/Unwrapped, Wrapped, Liquid, Textile, Prions
  • Closed door dry to dry protocol with hepa filter and advanced drying air pump
  • High load capacity – 2.2 KG (4.4 lbs)
  • Single pass water system, ensures that clean water is used every load
  • Integrated separate water and waste reservoirs – integral. No extra bottles!
  • Double door protection system
  • Independent steam generator for positive pressure displacement dynamic pulsating Steam injection
  • Pressure safety valve to prevent over pressure limit in chamber
  • USB port. Internal memory 10,000 cycles to record your sterilization data Optional integral printer. Special software not required to view reports
  • Bowie Dick Test not required
  • Powder coated solid steel construction


Chamber Size: 6.7” x 12.6” (17mmx32mm) 8L
Rated Power: 120v 1600 Watts
Trays: 2 : 5.1”w x 10.4”D


  • Manufacturer’s Warranty on parts: 2 Years
  • Support/Help – ALPHA SCIENTIFIC provides ongoing telephone technical assistance
  • Service: Contact ALPHA SCIENTIFIC for the nearest service centre. Alpha’s technicians are Factory trained experts ready to assist you. “We service what we sell”.

Overall dimensions
16.5"(W) x 14.6"(H)
x 20.7"(D) (8L)


2 Instruments trays, instrument rack, tray lifter, door adjustment tool. Instruction manual, spare door gasket, power cord, USB stick