Smart-Well ® Incubator Mesa Labs

Smart-Well ® Incubator Mesa Labs

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$2695.00 each


Biological indicator monitoring system. Confirms sterilization in 10 hours, a failure in as low as 3-5 hours.

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The Smart-Well® Auto Read Incubator System allows release of sterile product with true biological confirmation faster and easier than ever before.

This unique system uses a real biological indicator with no added enzyme or chemical integrator. Relying only upon bacterial spore growth, the Smart-Read system can detect sterilization failure in as few as three to five hours, and confirm sterilization in only ten hours.

Smart-Read® System Features:
• Fast biological results
• True biological system
• Automatic documentation
• Easy to use in-office; no laboratory transfer needed
• NO enzyme pretest
• NO false negatives
• Alarm on sterilization failure
• 100% verifiable results
• Compare the cost - up to 40% less than other products

SMART READ® EZ TEST Biological Indicator Monitoring System including:
Incubator, stylus, a report printer, a record book
for storing reports, a thermometer, all necessary cabling