Scaler IF-5 Beavertail

Scaler IF-5 Beavertail

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Scaler IF-5 Beavertail

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 IF-5 Beavertail Insert

Beavertail internal water flow nsert
IF-5 Beavertail Insert

The IF-5 series insert is a beavertail, spatula-shaped insert. This tip is best for removing hidden calculus.
Compatible with most major brand magnetostrictive scaler.

CE and ISO certified
510K registered

Part Numbers: 

25KHz (Blue grip):TM0004-872

30KHz (White grip):TM0004-422


Water flow: Internal, from the back of the tip
Water tube: Plastic
Power setting: Low to high

Compatible 25KHz Devices:

ART-M3II (25KHz model)
ART-MB3 (25KHz model)
Compatible 30KHz Devices:

ART-M3II (30KHz model)
ART-MB3 (30KHz model)