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Electrosurgery ART-E1

Electrosurgery ART-E1

Category: Dental
Sub Category: Scalers & Polishers
Product Code:
Electrosurgery ART-E1


Electron (ART-E1) Electrosurgery Unit is a stand-alone device used for cutting and coagulating.

It has 10 power level settings and 3 operating modes: Cut, Coag 1, and Coag 2.

The grounding plate (included) is required for operation.

ISO and CE Certified
510k registered

Device Name: Electron

Model number: ART-E1

Part Numbers:

110V Model Part Number: E1-1-ART-A1-70-0
220V Model Part Number: E1-2-ART-v-A1-70-0


Maximum power output: 50W (@ 400 ohm load)
Power supply: 110V±5% ~50/60Hz 92VA or 220V±5% ~50/60Hz 92VA
Work frequency: 1.5~1.7MHz±5%
Dimension (cm): 23(L) x 22.5(W) x 8.5(H)
Hand piece cable length: 190 cm
Indifference plate cable length: 190 cm
Weight: 12lbs

Included Parts & Accessories:

Electron (ART E1) Main Unit
Power Cord
PP0031-002: Universal foot switch
EU0004-002: Indifference/ Grounding plate
EU0003-032: E1 hand piece
TE0002-002: Assorted electrode set of 7 (includes the following electrodes):
TE0001-012: T1 Diamond shaped electrode
TE0001-022: T2 Small loop electrode
TE0001-032: T3 Large loop electrode
TE0001-042: T4 Fine wire electrode
TE0001-052: T5 Heavy wire electrode
TE0001-072: T7 Oval loop electrode
TE0001-092: T9 Heavy ball electrode

Electron (ART-E1) Warranty:

PC Board: 18-month limited warranty
Hand Piece: 1-year limited warranty
Power Cord: 1-year limited warranty
Foot Switch: 90-day limited warranty
Electrodes: 90-day limited warranty
Indifference/ Grounding Plate: 90-day limited warranty