AquaPlus for Autoclaves

AquaPlus for Autoclaves

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$41.95 each


AquaPlus for Autoclaves - Extend the Life of Your Expensive Surgical Instruments & Dental Handpieces

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Extend the Life of Your Expensive Surgical Instruments & Dental Handpieces

When added to autoclave water, AquaPlus helps prevent rust, corrosion and dulling of carbon steel and other surgical instruments. In addition, AquaPlus helps keep autoclave chamber and trays clean and free of deposits.

Just add 50mL of concentrated additive to each four litres of autoclave water – use distilled water for best results.

Box of 10 bottles - $41.95

Add one bottle of concentrated formula to each 4L jug of distilled water.

WDDC and AVP Members can call for item numbers

AquaPlus MSDS

AquaPlus Testimonials

“I have been using AquaPlus now for over eight years, and have had great success with it.  I cannot begin to tell you how much it has saved me in instrument costs, sterilizer maintenance, etc.  It is amazing to me and my staff, how clean our sterilizer is all the time and about the only thing it needs is a weekly wipe out with a rag!”

-Dr. Ashok Varma, Dental Surgeon, Powell River, BC

“It has been seven years since we were first introduced to AquaPlus. We have long forgotten the drudgery of trying to keep instruments and burs rust free.  The savings to our office in both time and money has been enormous.  We are able to operate with one less staff member...because of the time saved cleaning and sterilizing instruments.”

-Dr. Douglas W. Conn, Certified Specialist in Endodontics, Vancouver, BC

"We have been using the AquaPlus product in our steam sterilizer for over 4 years and can definitely vouch for its effectiveness.  Since the beginning of our usage of this product we have had significant reduction with the issue of rust and corrosion on our instruments and burs. We use AquaPlus religiously and I would highly recommend this product without reservation!"

-Dr. Heather Krahn, Richmond, BC