Table Top Autoclaves

ALPHA SCIENTIFIC has partnered with TUTTNAUER and FLIGHT Clave 16/23 as leaders in sterilization industry. 

Tuttnauer and Flight Dental Clave 16/23 autoclaves have always provided reliable and advanced technology for dental and medical offices, multi-doctor practices, clinics and surgery centres, denturists, biotech, laboratories, podiatrists, footcare, veterinary practices and body art tattoo studios. The tuttnauer and flight Clave lines of autoclaves provides several models to meet your practice needs including fully automatic, manual and large capacity. All autoclave models meet the latest standards set out by the Ministry of Health and Alberta Health.


  • We're a technician based service company. Our experience as a repair (service) company has shaped our knowledge of products that are reliable and cost effective to maintain.
  • We're an Authorized TUTTNAUER dealer with factory trained technicians
  • When you buy a product from ALPHA SCIENTIFIC you also get ongoing support and service.
  • On-site service is provided whenever possible as well as 24/7 telephone support with one of our factory trained technicians.
  • Alpha Scientific offers delivery, set up and staff training with every purchase of equipment
  • We carry an inventory of replacement parts to service your autoclave
  • Maintenance and certification services
  • We are a Company with a 15 year history of providing fast, reliable service to medical, dental, hospital, clinics, biotech, laboratories, estheticians, body art, foot care personnel, laboratories in commercial operations and veterinary practitioners in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

For sterilization without compromise, all you need to do is choose:

  • Fully automatic autoclaves: EZ9, EZ10, EZ10 Kwiklave, 3870 EA
  • Largest tabletop autoclave: 3870M and 3870 EA
  • Manual autoclaves: 1730M Valuklave, 2340M, 2540M, 2540MK, 3870M