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Why Sterilization is Critical for Veterinarian Equipment

June 1st, 2014

The job of a veterinarian is to help animals stay healthy. No matter how you look at it, keeping a pet healthy means giving them the best care possible. That includes ensuring that infections are not passed between animals. Sterilization of veterinary equipment, both medical and dental equipment, is absolutely necessary if you want to provide the absolute best care. But sterilization isn’t just good for the pets. It’s good for the vet, their team, and the clinic or animal hospital.


Want to safely treat animals without risking the transmission of infections? The most obvious reason to sterilize equipment is for safety. Every vet should be committed to keeping up with guidelines and laws regarding sterile veterinary equipment and the easiest way to do so is to make sure you’ve got the right sterilization equipment for the work you do. But almost as important is the regular upkeep of your equipment with servicing and repairs.

Item Re-Use Saves Money and Resources

It’s easy to understand why saving money on equipment purchases is a good thing. There’s simply no reason to keep buying and disposing of equipment if you have the right sterilization set up. Do a cost-benefit analysis for yourself and you’ll see that in the long run it makes sense to invest in sterilization equipment.

Protect Your Veterinary Clinic

Most veterinarians are in the field for more than just the money. You want to care for animals and do whatever you can to keep them healthy. But even the best of intentions aren’t enough to protect you from pet owners who believe you’ve made a mistake. By having a clear sterilization system, you can always show that you did everything you could to ensure the health of pets you treat.

How To choose the right veterinarian sterilization equipment

There are many options for sterilization equipment for your veterinary clinic —the sterilization equipment you choose should be based on the individual needs of your clinic.

Professional Autoclave Systems

An autoclave system is a great start for sterilization equipment for your veterinary clinic. With numerous makes and models of autoclave systems on the market, what should you look for? If you run a very busy veterinary clinic an automatic autoclave ensures all equipment is sterilized properly without a lot of staff time or energy required. High capacity machines and those with quick heat cycles can add to the ease of automated sterilization equipment, saving you time and letting you see more animals each day.

If you do not need an automatic machine, a manual autoclave should do the trick for sterilization equipment for you. Non-automatic machines usually cost less than their automated counterparts, leaving more room in the budget for other needs.

Sterilization Monitors

Sterilization monitors are simple pieces of sterilization equipment but are just as important as higher-end machines. These monitors help you track your sterilization methods and know that any equipment you use is safe and sterilized between each veterinary clinic patient’s visit. Choose a monitoring system that works with the rest of your medical equipment.

When choosing sterilization equipment for your veterinary clinic, buy it from a company that provides installation, repairs, and technicians on call. This gives you the peace of mind that your sterilization equipment will always be in great shape.