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Why Regular Maintenance and Repair is Important for Medical Equipment

September 23rd, 2014

Well maintained, properly functioning medical equipment is vital for the health and wellbeing of hospital patients, clinic patients, people benefiting from assisted living, and in home medical patients. Dental and veterinarian medical equipment is also important to maintain and repair. 

Why? Patients of all types depend on their medical professionals to provide the best care possible, and having well maintained, properly functioning medical equipment is the only way to do so. The last thing a medical professional wants is for an important piece of equipment to malfunction or fail when it is needed for a patient. 

Complete Care Means Functioning Equipment 

Medical equipment that is falling into disrepair or broken means healthcare professionals are not able to provide their full services to patients. It can also mean long wait times, or cancelled appointments while alternatives are arranged. Patients may have to travel elsewhere, or find a new medical provider altogether. 

Proper, regular maintenance of medical equipment means health professionals can rest assured their equipment is sterilized, safe, and giving proper readouts and reliable indicators of health. 

Regular maintenance schedules make catastrophic equipment failure far less likely. Small fixes can be made as they happen, rather than waiting until something breaks badly. This also saves medical facilities and healthcare teams from making expensive emergency maintenance calls after hours or during holidays, when technicians may not be readily available. 

Medical equipment is often quite expensive, so keeping it maintained and running well is a way to protect that investment and ensure it will last for a long time. 

There is nothing more important than health, and there is no excuse for failing equipment. Proper maintenance and repair should be a high priority for every medical professional and related business working with medical equipment.