Why Dental Practices Rely on Autoclaves for Sterilization

October 18th, 2022 | in Dental Autoclaves
Why Dental Practices Rely on Autoclaves for Sterilization

In Canada, dental practices rely on autoclaves for sterilization for the same reasons that other medical practices and laboratory environments do: autoclaves reliably sterilize a variety of materials, safely and inexpensively. 

Dentist offices receive patients just like any other medical environment. The professionals are working inside someone’s mouth and come in contact with blood and a variety of microorganisms. It is critical for the safety of the staff and all the patients that tools and instruments are sterilized to prevent the transmission of microorganisms. Patients are at risk specifically because of working in the mouth—which is inside the head and close to the brain. 

If sterilizing was as simple as boiling instruments in a big pot, then that’s what everyone would do. However, boiling water kills some microorganisms but not all. That’s why autoclaves are the gold standard. 

Autoclaves—which have been around for over 100 years—use water, heat, and pressure to kill all microorganisms. Autoclaves, like all sterilization devices, are approved and certified by Health Canada. Autoclaves work, and there is no substitute for them. They are able to sterilize a variety of materials including certain types of plastic and fabric and are indispensable in any scientific or medical workplace including dental offices. 

Dental offices use autoclaves to protect the patients and the staff. Autoclaves are the only method of sterilization available that is as inexpensive, fast, and reliable. (Autoclaves have to be tested regularly to ensure they are working properly.)


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