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Why BC Aestheticians Need Autoclaves

Why BC Aestheticians Need Autoclaves

Aestheticians in British Columbia and in other provinces should be using autoclaves because aestheticians have all manner of tools and materials to sterilize. It is widely accepted—and the CDC agrees—that autoclaves are the go-to method of sterilization because autoclaves are reliable, they can sterilize a variety of materials, they are cost-effective, and they work fast. 

Autoclaves cannot sterilize every material. You cannot autoclave polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), for example. So, in some environments, more than one method of sterilization may be required. However, for the stainless-steel instruments, autoclaving is the answer. 

Autoclaves work using water, heat, pressure, and steam to sterilize whatever you put in them. One of the benefits of autoclaves is that they will sterilize objects of unusual shapes. Even some fabrics can be autoclaved. Once the autoclave is installed, you just load your instruments and materials, close the autoclave, and turn it on. The user does not have to worry about technique, like you do for things like washing your hands. 

Clients of aestheticians want to know that they are safe and the aesthetician is using sterilized instruments. Neither the clients nor the practitioners want to run any risks of transmitted microorganisms between clients and practitioners. Relying on an autoclave is a safe way to run a clean and controlled business environment. 

If you are wondering whether a particular material or instrument can be autoclaved, then ask your autoclave specialist, who will be able to educate you on what materials can and cannot be autoclaved. 

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