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Why Are Tuttnauer Autoclaves Industry Leaders?

May 30th, 2021 in Educational Content and Guides
Why Are Tuttnauer Autoclaves Industry Leaders?

Tuttnauer autoclaves are known worldwide to be industry leaders. But why is that? It’s the combination of the two words, “Tuttnauer” plus “autoclave.” Below we will explain what that means.


Tuttnauer, a global company based in Holland, has been working on sterilization techniques and infection control for over 90 years. The company partners with leading universities and research institutions on research and development for improving existing products (like autoclaves) and developing new procedures.

Their autoclaves are found in over 140 countries and meet or exceed the existing international standards for autoclave sterilization. Tuttnauer is the best known manufacturer and innovator for autoclaves. Tuttnauer uses the best possible materials that are extensively tested for manufacture in their autoclaves.


An autoclave is the go-to, industry standard for sterilization of equipment in science, medicine, research, and manufacturing. Businesses use autoclaves because they work reliably and consistently to sterilize all kinds of materials.

Autoclaves use heat, pressure, and water to enable sterilization inside a vessel on different surfaces of different materials. By using a specific temperature, a specific pressure, and a prescribed amount of time, the sterilization results are repeatable and reliable. You will find autoclaves in every hospital and laboratory.

So, when you combine the reliability and proven history of an autoclave with the reputation and experience of Tuttnauer, you will have an excellent combination that explains why Tuttnauer autoclaves are industry leaders worldwide.

Our company recommends Tuttnauer autoclaves because we think they are the best in the business.

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