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Which Sterilization Equipment is Best for Canadian Dental Clinics?

May 28th, 2019

dental autoclave

If you are setting up a new dental practice, or looking to upgrade your previous equipment, then you know that one of the most important pieces of equipment a dentist can have is a dental autoclave. This handy device is responsible for sterilizing your dental equipment, making sure that each tool is clean and sterile, ready to be used on the next patient.

With so many options for dental sterilization equipment, here are a few suggestions on some of the best equipment available for Canadian dental clinics.


TUTTNAUER has been a leader in sterilization for over 85 years. The autoclaves manufactured by TUTTNAUER are reliable, safe and robust. Available in tabletop models as well as compact washer-disinfectors, they have are trusted world-wide.

Dental autoclaves are available in both automatic and manual models. TUTTNAUER automatic dental autoclaves are sleek and modern, come in various sizes, have additional options and accessories, comply with most current sterilization standards, and come with warranties and guarantees. They also use high efficiency air pumps in the chambers to ensure fast drying, meaning your tools will be sterile and ready to go, when you need them.

The TUTTNAUER 1730M Valueklave is a great entry point for a small office or practice looking for basic sterilization needs at an affordable price. If you need a larger table top autoclave, you could consider the TUTTNAUER 3870M, which has a much larger chamber and is more suited toward high volume or large, multi doctor practices.

Whichever autoclave you go with, you can be satisfied knowing that a TUTTNAUER dental autoclave, sold and serviced by Alpha Scientific, will keep your tools clean, sterile and ready to serve you and your patients for years to come.