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Which Autoclaves Require Certification in Canada?

December 31st, 2021
Which Autoclaves Require Certification in Canada?

The short answer to the question in the title is “all of them.” Autoclave certification is a complicated topic, and in this blog article we are going to give you a brief overview of what the policies are. First, let’s review how an autoclave works.

How Autoclaves Work

Autoclaves use heat, water, and pressure to sterilize items, usually medical instruments within a sealed device. There are small autoclaves that sit on counters, big autoclaves that take up a whole room, and every size in between.

With heat and pressure, water inside the autoclave turns into steam. When nonsterile equipment is in a hot, steamy, pressurized environment for a prescribed period of time, all the microorganisms will be killed. That is how sterilization works in an autoclave.

Why Autoclaves Are Regulated

Autoclaves have to meet all sorts of regulations both provincial and federal in order to be sold. These are certifications that are met when the autoclaves are being manufactured. The reason these autoclaves are highly regulated is because those who use autoclaves must have confidence that the autoclaves work as they are intended, and that they sterilize exactly as they are supposed to. An autoclave that doesn’t work properly and does not sterilize the equipment inside it presents a danger and hazard to those who handle the equipment and to those who will later come in contact with the “sterilized” equipment.

Since autoclaves are certified at the time and place of manufacture, the person operating the autoclave does not usually have to worry about the autoclave, and there are a variety of ways that an autoclave can be tested (regularly) to be sure of its operation.

The reasons why autoclaves require certification are the same reasons why if an autoclave requires work on it or repair that the work is done by someone certified to do the job correctly and why DIY repairs are never a good idea with an autoclave: there is too much risk to too many people.

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