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What Is Involved With Setting up a New Table-Top Autoclave?

October 29th, 2021 in Autoclave Basics and Operation
What Is Involved With Setting up a New Table-Top Autoclave?

The is no one right answer to the question in the title of this article, because autoclaves come in all shapes and sizes. There are, however, some generalities we can talk about regarding installing a new table-top autoclave. Here, below, are the most important points.


The first consideration is the location of your autoclave. Where do you want to put it? Depending on the size and model, you will need room on your counter, and some room all around the autoclave for ventilation.

Also, you want your autoclave where it is convenient for loading and unloading equipment. Your office, laboratory or clinic will operate more efficiently if the new autoclave is located in a convenient location.

You also need to consider the door, and in which direction it will open. You want to be sure that the open autoclave will not impede traffic in a room.


How much power your autoclave draws depends on the model. It is possible that you will need a dedicated circuit for the autoclave. The new autoclave also may need to be hardwired into your existing infrastructure. The person from whom you are buying the autoclave can advise you on this matter, but the information will also be in the technical documents accompanying a new autoclave.


Your autoclave operates with water and steam and will need to be reasonably close to a water source. Some small models can be filled with water manually, but other models require permanent plumbing into your system. This is something that you would need to know before installation.

Water quality will also play a role, as the water has to meet certain specifications in order for the autoclave to work properly. Again, this is something to discuss beforehand with your autoclave specialist to make sure your water is the appropriate quality or if it’s not then how to bring the water up to the standards required.

Always rely first on your autoclave professionals to discuss all the details of installation and requirements before you take delivery of the new autoclave. In western Canada, you can always call Alpha Scientific at (888) 818-4847, as this is our business.

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