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What Is Autoclave Validation?

August 29th, 2022 in Autoclave Basics and Operation
What Is Autoclave Validation?

In the simplest of terms, autoclave validation is the method and practice of testing the parts and functions of your autoclave to make sure that they are performing their jobs as intended. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about what is involved in autoclave validation and why the validation is so important. 

The actual validation procedure may vary slightly depending on the brand or type of autoclave you have. In addition, different companies or laboratories may have their own requirements and protocols for autoclave validation. If you have questions about validating your autoclave, then talk to your employer and also the manufacturer of the autoclave. 

Why Do We Validate an Autoclave? 

Autoclave validation is critical because the job an autoclave does is an important one. As you know, autoclaves use water, heat, steam, pressure, and time to sterilize objects and materials. The health and safety of those working with or around instruments or materials that have been sterilized depend on the autoclave working flawlessly. 

How Do We Validate an Autoclave? 

As mentioned earlier, the confines of this short blog article make it impossible to explain in detail all the steps in an autoclave validation. And those steps will be slightly different from one autoclave to another. However, we will list below the important parts which are central to the validation of any autoclave. 

Testing the temperature—is the right temperature reached and maintained?

Testing the pressure—is the right pressure reached and maintained?

Seal—does the autoclave seal as required?

Biological testing—does the autoclave kill the microorganisms that it is supposed to?

Time testing—does a cycle start and stop as required? 

Special equipment and testing materials are used to validate an autoclave. Also, the autoclave must be tested at regular intervals as prescribed by either the manufacturer or the protocols of the autoclave owner or both. If anything during the validation indicates a problem with the function of the autoclave, be sure to attend to this with autoclave repair or maintenance as soon as possible. 

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