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What Is Autoclave Certification?

February 27th, 2021
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Autoclave Certification: Ensuring Sterilization for Businesses and Healthcare

Autoclaves are used in businesses, laboratories, hospitals, and health care clinics to kill germs. Autoclaves can be used for materials, tools, and devices that come into contact with microorganisms, body fluids, and blood. Autoclave certifications are standards set by different government bodies or public health organizations to ensure that autoclaves are manufactured properly, that the devices sterilize appropriately, and that staff operate them properly.

The Significance of Autoclave Certification

Autoclaves used in medical facilities and different industries play a crucial role in sterilizing many things that are required for both business and human health. Germs pose critical risks to anyone who operates or conducts business around microorganisms. This is why autoclave certification is important. Autoclave certification is the process of checking whether the device is viable or acceptable in any industry. The certification shows how the devices work in a particular facility and their effectiveness.

Autoclave Certification Criteria in Canada

Autoclaves should be checked after they are made but before being used and installed. The international standards adopted by the certification bodies in Canada include the following:

  • Sterilization for small autoclaves
  • Sterilization- for huge autoclaves and steam autoclaves
  • Sterilization of sanitary materials
  • Certification criteria for autoclaves and steam sterilizers

The Autoclave Certification Process

Autoclave certification begins during the manufacture of the equipment. Then there is testing of the equipment and education of those who will operate the equipment. In some cases, these requirements vary by province in Canada. This is a complicated subject, and we offer just a brief overview here. Please contact us if you would like more information about autoclave standards in Canada.

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