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What Is a Horizontal Steam Sterilizer?

December 27th, 2023 in Autoclave Technologies and Features
What Is a Horizontal Steam Sterilizer?

In today’s blog article we are going to discuss horizontal steam sterilizers and how they may differ from vertical steam sterilizers. This will be a brief discussion only addressing the major points. 

Horizontal Steam Sterilizer 

First, “steam sterilizer” just refers to an autoclave. And an autoclave, as you know, sterilizes objects and materials with heat, water, steam, and pressure. 

“Horizontal” refers to the shape of the autoclave. A horizontal autoclave has a door that opens out toward you, and this is the most common type of autoclave. 

The advantage of a horizontal autoclave is that it is easy to put trays of small instruments or items into and out of the autoclave. 

Vertical Steam Sterilizer 

The vertical steam sterilizer or autoclave is just an autoclave that has its door on the top of the autoclave. So, whatever is needing sterilization has to be lowered into and lifted out of the autoclave. 

The advantage of a vertical autoclave is that if you have large or heavy items that need sterilization, it is easier to use hydraulic assistance to lift these items into and out of the autoclave when the opening is on top. Sometimes—but not always--these vertical autoclaves are also more portable, while horizontal autoclaves are usually permanently anchored in one spot. 

What types of instruments or items or materials you need to sterilize which typically dictate what type of autoclave that is best suited for your application. Horizontal autoclaves are most commonly used for small medical instruments that are inserted into the autoclave on trays. 

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