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What Are the Main Features of a Tabletop Autoclave?

June 17th, 2022
What Are the Main Features of a Tabletop Autoclave?

A tabletop autoclave has most of the same features as any other autoclave. The only difference is the tabletop autoclave is scaled down for size, and might be a slightly less sophisticated model. While there may be fewer programs on a tabletop autoclave, the function of the autoclave, and the reliability of it remains the same as a larger one. One advantage of the tabletop autoclave is that it is likely slightly cheaper than a larger one. 

What is the role of an autoclave? 

An autoclave of any size still has to do the same job. The autoclave uses water, steam, and heat over a prescribed period of time to sterilize instruments or materials that are place inside of it. 

Space-Saving Design: Tabletop Autoclaves

The tabletop autoclave is just a space-saving design for businesses or laboratories that need an autoclave but have very little available space for one. The tabletop autoclave will still need to plumbed into a water line and likely require a dedicated circuit for electricity. 

The autoclave of any size is a critical piece of equipment that is needed to keep employees and clients or patients safe from microorganisms. The autoclave, tabletop or otherwise, sterilizes materials and instruments or equipment that are used in medical, high-tech, and scientific settings.

The job that autoclaves do is critical, and working with heat and steam is not a DIY job. If you need help choosing or maintaining a tabletop autoclave, this is our business and area of expertise. Give us a call in western Canada at (888) 818-4847.

Expert Assistance for Tabletop Autoclaves

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