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What are Some Common Autoclave Repairs?

July 29th, 2019

A properly functioning autoclave is essential to many businesses. While autoclaves are generally fairly resilient and do not often fail, there are some more common components that could require autoclave repair service from a local sterilizer equipment repair service. We will be looking at some more common autoclave repairs and related maintenance.

Heating Coils

Heating coils are fairly resilient, and when properly maintained should last for a decade or more. However, hard-water and poor maintenance may result in heating coils needing to be replaced prematurely. Failing heating coils will result in decreased cleaning efficiency and performance, so it is important that these are properly maintained and replaced immediately should they begin to suffer.


Valves allow substances like water, steam, air or exhaust to pass through when open, and be trapped when closed. Automatic valves will open and close when the need arises and these could eventually wear out over time, especially when exposed to different temperatures and pressures. Steam valves will often wear the fastest, and you may find that these need to be replaced on occasion.


A contactor is a high amp relay that switches on high voltage connections. The high amperage and high voltage is hard on this component, and eventually can wear out the contactors. These should be monitored with regular inspections to check for wear. and replaced when they begin to show signs of wearing out. Contactors will eventually wear out with use, so make sure you replace them before they stop working.

Quality autoclaves are very reliable, but the constant use and demands placed on them mean there will eventually be repairs required. There are many other repairs that an autoclave may require, but these are some of the more common ones. More information on common tabletop autoclave repairs can be found here.