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What Are Pre- and Post-Vacuum Autoclaves

August 29th, 2020
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In modern laboratory or clinic environments, maintaining infection control and a sterile environment is a crucial priority. This makes autoclaves useful machines in the world of scientific research. Pre- and post-vacuum autoclaves ensure that harmful and unwanted microorganisms are destroyed.

Pre- and post-vacuum autoclaves are used in cases where air cannot be removed easily from sterilization media. For example, items that are porous, large and small, such as bedding or animal cages, may need special attention for sterilization. The use of a vacuum can ensure that deeper penetration of the contents allows for better sterilization, because the vacuum can completely remove air within the autoclave.

The benefits of pre- and post-vacuum autoclaves include the following:

* Removing the residual air from porous load and packs and different types of tubes by vacuum during the first phase of the cycle.

* Pre- and post-vacuum autoclaves penetrate into the load ensuring excellent sterilization.

* The autoclaves ensure upgraded temperature uniformity in the chamber.

* Pre- and post-vacuum autoclaves dry the materials in the gadget due to the vacuum obtained in the chamber.

The type of autoclave you need depends on your work. Pre- and post-vacuum autoclaves are highly recommended because they are fast, effective, and dependable.

You should be careful when selecting the right sterilizer for your needs. You need to check its capacity, available laboratory space, and access to electrical power.

You can use pre- and post-vacuum sterilizers for the following materials:

* Media solutions in the right containers, like tissue culture flasks.

* Pipette tips such as syringes.

* Wrapped kinds of things that can trap air.

* Bedding and animal cages.

If you are not sure what type of autoclave is best suited for your application, then talk to us. This is our business.

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