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What Are Autoclave Cycles?

April 22nd, 2023 in Autoclave Basics and Operation
What Are Autoclave Cycles?

Cycle is just a simple term used in the autoclave world to denote a period of time during which the autoclave performs a process. So, different autoclave types have different kinds of cycles. In addition, sometimes the different processes that one autoclave goes through from start to finish may also be called cycles. 

Different Cycle Types in Different Autoclave Types 

When we talk about different types of autoclaves, they have different types of cycles. 

For example, a gravity cycle refers to the type of autoclave in which steam enters the reservoir and air is forced out of the drain vents. Once air is forced out, the reservoir is now filled with steam and can sterilize the contents. 

A vacuum cycle refers to the type of autoclave in which a vacuum is used to remove air from the reservoir in preparation for the entry of steam. 

A liquid cycle is a cycle designed to sterilize liquids which heats up and cools down slowly. 

Different Cycles in One Autoclave 

Sometimes the word “cycle” is used just to mean the different parts of the sterilization process within one autoclave. You may hear a heating-up cycle or cooling cycle, for example. Or there may be special testing cycles to test the autoclave. 

So, the word “cycle” has many definitions depending on the context. 

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