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Sterilization, equipment sales & more... Q&A

April 1st, 2014

If you’ve invested in the best technology for your medical or dental practice, you’ve got sterilization equipment. Many medical and dental professionals make the mistake of assuming that because their equipment is modern, it doesn’t need to be serviced regularly. It’s easy to say that you’ll do it eventually, when the machine really needs it, and of course most people simply forget. But getting your sterilization equipment serviced is critical to proper function of your equipment. The last thing you want is to find out that your sterilization equipment isn’t actually sterilizing properly.

How Often Does Sterilization Equipment Need Servicing?

You can probably get away with going about a year before the first service check-up. As long as you follow manufacturer instructions about how to use, clean, and maintain your sterilization equipment, servicing can happen relatively infrequently. Once a year for the first five years should be sufficient. After that, you may want to schedule servicing more frequently, depending on recommendations from the manufacturer and your service providers.

Dangers of Not Servicing Equipment Frequently

The dangers of not scheduling regular service may be obvious. The worst case scenario is that the equipment stops working properly but you don’t realize it, only to find out that you’ve used unsterile equipment on your patients. But even if that doesn’t happen, you may find yourself with a suddenly broken sterilizer that brings your business to a halt. Repairs are more expensive than regular servicing and regular service visits often catch potential problems before they become disasters.

Alpha Scientific not only sells sterilization equipment in Western Canada, but also provides servicing and repairs. Get in touch to find out how often your equipment should be serviced and get on a schedule. With preventative maintenance you can avoid bigger problems.