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Safety Considerations for Tabletop Autoclave Operation

July 23rd, 2022
Safety Considerations for Tabletop Autoclave Operation

For those that use autoclaves on a daily basis, it is easy to forget how important the equipment is and how much respect it should be afforded. Today, we will talk about safety considerations for a tabletop autoclave

Let’s not forget that autoclaves use heat, pressure, and water or steam to sterilize equipment and materials. That means that the autoclave is a sophisticated piece of equipment that is likely hard-wired and permanently plumbed to water lines, no matter where it sits in your office. Here are some points to remember to keep everyone safe around an autoclave: 

  1. Understand How To Use It. 

You should be trained to use the autoclave properly. If you do not know how to use the autoclave, then ask for clarification. Only trained individuals should use or even touch the autoclave. 

  1. Proper Location 

An autoclave should never be located where it may be accidentally bumped by people or equipment. The autoclave should sit where it will not be touched except on purpose. 

  1. Proper Maintenance 

Observe all the proper maintenance protocols that you have been advised of. Autoclaves need to be tested at regular intervals to make sure they are locking and sealing properly and reaching the internal pressure and temperature required. Autoclaves are only safe to use when all regular maintenance is performed as scheduled. 

The job that autoclaves do is critical, and working with heat and steam is not a DIY job, and trained technicians are absolutely necessary to maintain your autoclave in good working order. If you need help choosing or maintaining a tabletop autoclave, this is our business and area of expertise. Give us a call in western Canada at (888) 818-4847.

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