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Reasons You May Want to Upgrade Your Dental Clinic’s Autoclave

Reasons You May Want to Upgrade Your Dental Clinic’s Autoclave

If you have a dental clinic, then you probably have an autoclave to serve your sterilization needs. But sometimes a clinic needs to upgrade its autoclave. In today’s blog article we are going to talk about some of the possible reasons why you may want to upgrade. 


Size is a big reason to upgrade. If your business is expanding and you are seeing more patients than you did before, a larger autoclave might make sense. Autoclaves come in every size and shape. Talk to your autoclave dealer about what your options are. 


Maybe you are reorganizing your clinic and how it functions. For example, if you are moving the autoclave to another room, then now might be a reason to upgrade. Maybe you want a standalone autoclave instead of a small one for the countertop. Since autoclaves are plumbed in place, before moving the old one, consider if now is the right time for an upgrade. 


Another common reason for upgrading is because you want different functions on the autoclave. For example, some autoclaves will give you a paper printout of the cycle they just ran including start and end times. This kind of function gives you a paper trail and means that an individual does not have to record this information. 

Autoclaves are indispensable in most medical and dental settings. If your clinic is going through some changes, consider upgrading your autoclave before moving the one you have. Talk to your staff about whether the autoclave you have is meeting all your needs. 

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