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More Autoclaving Tips

November 1st, 2013 in Educational Content and Guides

Disinfectants and Your Electronic Equipment

We see a large number of autoclaves coming in for service with damage to the electronics. Typically this is due to a caustic disinfectant being used on the keyboards or touch pads. Please follow the manufacturer’s guide lines for cleaning. The use of a barrier film in these areas is a great alternative.

Autoclaving of Drapes & Gowns

Most practices are not aware that most autoclaves do not support the processing of drapes and gowns. Gravity type autoclaves have a limited amount of absorbent material that can be processed effectively.

The important consideration here is that excess material absorbs the water in the autoclave, not leaving sufficient water to produce steam to effectively sterilize your instruments. Secondly, the washing process of these items also leaves a residue that typically ends back into the autoclave which in turn causes excessive corrosion to the unit. Disposable wraps, drapes and gowns are available on the market. Please look at the pasteurization services available through the WDDC