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Infection Control - Preventing Common Infections with Sterilization

January 18th, 2015

The proper use of sterilization equipment and instruments makes all the difference when it comes to preventing infections. Common infections spread easily in unsafe environments, but infection consultants agree that using sterilization equipment like an autoclave is a simple, effective way to keep infections at bay.

An autoclave sterilizes medical supplies, veterinarian tools, and other sensitive equipment using steam heat. The use of steam heat kills microbes, bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi, leaving equipment safe from the risk of infection transmission. This type of sterilization equipment is recommended by infection control experts in Canada for numerous purposes, including tattooing, dentistry, and medical usage. 

Proper Use and Maintenance of Sterilization Equipment 

Infection consultants recommend using sterilization equipment that uses an indicator mark to show that items are properly autoclaved and safe for use. 

Sterilization monitors are recommended by infection control experts in Canada in order to ensure that your equipment is properly cleaned and sterilized, every time. There are several ways to monitor sterilization, depending on your equipment and the technique you prefer, but all work well to keep your sterilization equipment functioning as it should, thus keeping yourself and your clients safe from infections. Monitoring sterilization equipment for errors helps save money, too, as you will be able to catch any problems before they cause larger or more dangerous damage. 

Keeping a clean, sterilized workspace is the best way to prevent the spread of common infections, and anyone working in infection control can attest to just how well an autoclave works. Modern autoclaves are automated in many ways, taking guesswork out of infection control. 

If you have ever worried about the risks of infection transmission in your workplace, consider sterilization equipment, especially autoclaves. It is a worthwhile investment in your health, the health of your clients, and your peace of mind.