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Important Factors in Choosing a Dental Xray Machine

April 18th, 2015

A dental x-ray machine is must-have equipment in any dentist’s office, giving healthcare professionals the ability to offer full services to their patients. Without a good dental x-ray machine, dentists would have a much harder time figuring out what problems need to be fixed for their clients! Because of this, it is important to get a high-quality, durable dental x-ray machine for your practice. Here’s how to narrow down your options.

Consider the size and scope of your practice — do you need a panoramic x-ray machine or a 3D sensor? Products like the Panoura 18S allow you to scale up as your practice grows. You can start with something simpler and upgrade to 3D imaging when the time is right, without having to replace equipment.

The dental x-ray machine you choose should work with your field of specialty. If you offer orthodontic work you should make sure the dental x-ray machine you choose is able to meet your needs, for example.

A dental x-ray machine that reduces the risk of unintended x-ray exposure is a great way to promote safety in your practice, something all patentees are happy to observe. If you choose a machine with built-in hygiene features, this is also something you can share with clients who may be nervous about getting x-rays.

A dental x-ray machine is a big investment for your office, but a much-needed piece of equipment. To best ensure you receive the reliability, function, and value you need when spending your hard-earned money on equipment, work with a professional dental equipment seller to explore your options and get professional guidance. You are sure to find something that will last for years to come!