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How to Choose Between a Manual and Automatic Autoclave

December 25th, 2019 in Autoclave Selection and Purchasing
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This blog article gives you detailed information about the differences between manual and automatic autoclaves.

Autoclaves are sanitizers that operate under high-pressure steam to kill living organisms and remove contaminants from equipment.

Manual and automatic autoclaves can be found in health centers, tattoo parlors, nail salons, and veterinary offices. These autoclaves aim to prevent pathogens from passing between patients and clients.

First, you should note that for the manual autoclave, as soon as the sterilization process is over, you are supposed to open its door manually to release the hot steam in the autoclave. If you want to go for the automatic one, as soon as the sterilization process is complete, the autoclave unlocks the door automatically to release the hot steam from the autoclave.

The Difference between Manual and Automatic Autoclaves

The flow and capacity of the water inside the autoclave must be monitored in manual autoclaves. The autoclave will automatically lock once it is loaded. For an automatic autoclave to be effective, the exact sterilization temperature is required. A manual autoclave will provide a wider temperature range.

The difference is prominently seen in the ease of sanitation. Automatic autoclaves can sanitze its contents with a single button. However, for a manual autoclave, sanitizing is a much more detailed process.

The Importance of Autoclaves

Both types of autoclaves play an important role in may different fields. As a result, it is hard to go wrong with either type. The user should purchase either manual or automatic autoclave according to his needs or budget. Autoclaves are highly reliable for sterilizing equipment of different shapes and sizes and different materials.

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