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Edmonton Industries That Can Use a Sterilization Autoclave

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Edmonton, Alberta, has almost 2000 licensed physicians and as of 2015, over 120 tattoo shops. There are a lot of industries that use or could use autoclaves, and doctors’ offices and tattoo shops are just a couple of examples.

Pretty much any business that requires sterile instruments could use an autoclave. There are several different methods for sterilizing, but autoclaves are what hospitals use—because they’re effective and reliable.

So, aside from medical doctor offices and tattoo shops, anyone doing body piercing, veterinary offices, dentist offices, estheticians, schools or universities with laboratories, and anyone else doing work or research requiring sterile conditions and instruments should have an autoclave. And all hospitals use them.

The reason why autoclaves are such a good choice for sterilization is because they can sterilize both liquids and solids, and instruments of all shapes and sizes.

Autoclaves can sterilize stainless steel and borosilicate glass. Some plastics like polypropylene (PP) can go in an autoclave, but others like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cannot. Definitely talk to your autoclave supplier if you’re not sure whether a material can be autoclaved or not.

What’s an autoclave?

An autoclave is a vessel that sterilizes what you put in it with heat, water (steam), and pressure. It will kill bacteria, viruses, and spores. Many of these microorganisms are resistant to chemicals, but they can’t survive an autoclave. Autoclaves come in all sizes from small ones that will sit on a counter to giant ones. They work a lot like a pressure cooker works, and they’re very effective at what they do.

If you need an autoclave, contact us, and let us help you. Don’t worry, we provide training to staff for all of the equipment we supply and service.

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