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Dental Office Set Up 101

December 18th, 2015

Equipment You Need to Be Successful

If you are building a new dental practice from the ground up, you know that setting up a clean, well-organized and ergonomic work environment for your staff and a pleasant treatment experience for your patients is very important. Laying out your office will require expertise in workplace and treatment design.

Equipment that provides comfort for patients and promotes ergonomics for clinicians is the smart choice. It is also important to remember that equipment and furniture will need to look and function in a cohesive manner in order to provide the best working space for you and your team, and the best clinical experience for your patients.

Designing and setting up an optimal dental treatment room will require the following equipment.

1) The dental patient chair.

2) Clinician seating.

3) Dental delivery systems/ dental delivery units.

4) Operatory light.

5) Operatory cabinets.

6) Computer system – for patient education and entertainment.

You must also choose a management software package for your office. It’s imperative that you use technology for running your practice in areas like patient scheduling and billing.

This requires asking yourself questions like: What do I need for my practice? How easy is it to use? What other products will work with it? Will equipment like intra-oral cameras and digital x-ray integrate with the software? How much tech support will I need? And don’t forget about your printers. It also can be helpful to ask other dentists who have a practice similar to what you are building what package they use.

Let us help you put together a package of equipment built to function together while providing consistent esthetic appeal. We will help you with design ideas consistent with your office space while providing you the best possible equipment built with durability in mind. We will help you design a system that allows for your practice to grow and add new services.