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Considerations When Deciding to Repair or Replace an Autoclave

January 29th, 2020 in Autoclave Selection and Purchasing
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Repair or Replace Your Autoclave: Key Considerations

When an autoclave breaks down, everything from your bottom line to your productivity is disrupted. You need an immediate and effective solution!

The challenging question arises, should you repair or replace the autoclave outright? Doing guesswork can be an inefficient and costly approach. This blog will spell out the considerations that you should take into account when deciding to repair or replace your autoclave.

1. Analyze the Costs

Think in the long-term perspective when analyzing the charges of repairing or replacing the autoclave. Consider the price of buying a new autoclave, its operating cost, service life, and potential salvage value. For an old autoclave, consider its remaining service life, future salvage rate, and its market value. From this comparison, calculate the annual average cost for each option.

2. Consider the Age of the Autoclave

The older your autoclave, the more extensive repairs it will likely need. This eventually translates to higher maintenance charges. You can probably consider replacing an old autoclave for a newer one, which will give you outstanding longevity and efficiency. Keeping your autoclave in good repair may lengthen its life, but nothing lasts forever.

Also, more modern technology is often more energy efficient.

3. Consider the cost of repairs

You should ask yourself what is the cost of repairs? Can you predict if you are going to repair this autoclave several times a year, or will it be a one-time fix?

4. Consider Efficiency

Think of the long run! How efficient is your autoclave, and will a repair boost the efficiency of your gadget? Also, ask yourself if a new autoclave will serve you as well or better compared to the old autoclave.

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