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Common Table-Top Autoclave Repairs

Common Table-Top Autoclave Repairs

Autoclaves are solid pieces of equipment that last a long time. However, just like any other piece of equipment or appliance, an autoclave may need repair from time to time. In today’s blog article, we are going to talk about what are some of the most common table-top autoclave repairs. 

Melting materials 

Sometimes users put the wrong materials inside the autoclave, and then the heat and pressure of a cycle melts the material creating a mess inside the autoclave. You will likely need professional help to get it cleaned up and then test and make sure the autoclave is working properly. 

Never put anything inside an autoclave unless you are absolutely sure that the material is safe to be autoclaved. Check the manufacturer’s instructions or talk to the person who sold the autoclave to you or installed it for you if you have any questions about autoclavable materials. 


Remember, an autoclave works using water, heat, steam, and pressure. Every autoclave has all kinds of seals to prevent leaks, but sometimes a seal may be breached or wear out and need to be replaced. This is not a serious problem but still needs to be addressed. 


Sometimes you may test your autoclave and find that it is not reaching the right temperature. This can be a problem with the heating or thermostat or it can be a problem with the testing materials. 

We never recommend trying to repair an autoclave yourself. If you are experiencing any problems with your autoclave, get professional help to resolve the problem and repair the autoclave from an autoclave specialist. 

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