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Common Laboratory Autoclave Applications

September 24th, 2019

As you are aware, an autoclave is a device which is able to sterilize the contents using high pressured steam at a high temperature. In order for something to be sterilized, all the living organisms present on it must be killed, and an autoclave from reputable laboratory autoclave supplier is able to achieve this. There are many uses for a lab autoclave, and we will be looking at some of these.

Sterilize Equipment

As previously mentioned, a laboratory autoclave is most commonly used on various equipment. The specific equipment will depend upon the purpose of the lab, but most commonly any glassware or metal instruments that are used will often need to be sterilized. Laboratories that work with animals may even use the autoclave to sterilize cages, feeders and other equipment that has come into contact with the animals.

Sterilize Waste

Many laboratories have to sterilize their waste before it is safe to transport and discard. This is most commonly seen in labs that work with hazardous organisms, such as harmful bacteria, or deadly diseases. There are even special biohazard autoclave bags available, that can be autoclaved to ensure the outside of the bag is sterile and does not pose a risk to the public once removed from the facility.

Sterilize Clothing

Another common use for a laboratory autoclave is to sterilize clothing that is worn in the laboratory. As with waste and equipment, clothing may also have come into contact with harmful organisms. This means that in order to protect the wearer, clothing needs to be properly sterilized after each use.

Of course, autoclaves are common fixtures in dental and doctor offices, but have a wide range of important applications in a laboratory setting. For your laboratory equipment supplier, make sure you go with Alpha Scientific.