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Common Autoclave Accessories

November 30th, 2021
Common Autoclave Accessories

The accessories that would go with an autoclave really depend on the type and size of autoclave, That said, we can give you an idea of some commonly used, needed, and asked for accessories.


There are different types of paper for different purposes. Some autoclaves actually do a print out of the cycle that has been run including all the parameters, time, and date. For that purpose, there are rolls of paper that fit into the outside of the autoclave.

There are also types of paper for wrapping up things that will go into the autoclave. This is special paper designed for this purpose. Never put anything into your autoclave that is not designed to go in there.

Trays and Trolleys

There are trays of different sizes that go into an autoclave, and there are also trolleys available for carting equipment to and from the autoclave. These are common accessories but the sizes will vary with the make and model of the autoclave.


Many different types of testing equipment are available. These accessories are typically chemical or biological agents that are testing the efficacy of the autoclave. You may want or need to know if the autoclave is reaching a specific temperature, for example.

It is also possible to get many different replacement parts for your autoclave—like valves--but we would recommend that you let an experienced autoclave professional make any changes or repairs to your autoclave.

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