Dental Autoclaves

If you are setting up a new dental practice, or looking to upgrade your previous equipment, then you know that one of the most important pieces of equipment a dentist can have is a dental autoclave.

These Alpha Scientific blog articles focus on the use and setup of autoclaves and sterilization equipment in dental practices, including how to choose the right autoclave for a dental office and how long dental instruments remain sterile.

Alpha Scientific supplies a wide range of dental office equipment, including autoclaves.

What Are Autoclave Cycles?
April 22nd, 2023 | in Dental Autoclaves
The meaning of an autoclave cycle depends on the context. The word refers to either part of the sterilization process or the type of autoclave. Read more here.
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Pressure-displacement autoclaves have a couple of significant advantages. They are basically faster and more efficient at sterilization. Read more here.
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Autoclaves are the best choice for sterilization in laboratories because they are the gold standard. They are reliable, versatile, and scalable. Read more here.
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