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Canadian Autoclave Training and Resources

October 27th, 2023 in Educational Content and Guides
Canadian Autoclave Training and Resources

Autoclaves are ubiquitous in Canada and everywhere else in the civilized world because they represent the gold standard for sterilization of instruments and materials in commercial, laboratory and medical settings. While training is required to operate an autoclave safely and efficiently, in Canada there are no specific certifications required to operate one. 

Then, how do you learn to use an autoclave? 

Your Dealer 

Your first resource should be your autoclave dealer. Any reputable dealer should offer training on an autoclave that the dealer furnishes or repairs. 


A simple Google search will reveal that the government of Canada offers a course on autoclave operation which also covers general principles of sterilization. 

Universities and Colleges 

Many universities and smaller local colleges offer courses on autoclaves and how to operate them. 

Health and Safety Businesses 

There are also courses offered by different health and safety businesses. These are courses that typically also cover working with sterile instruments or in a sterile environment. 

While autoclaves all work using the same general principles, there is variation in operating them in part because there is such a big difference in sizes available. There are giant autoclaves the size of a room, there are small ones that fit on a counter, and every size in between. 

General autoclave courses explain the principles and technology and are valuable to those with no experience operating one. However, training on your specific autoclave will be needed, and that training will come from the dealer. Courses delivered by an outside business or institution will have a cost associated with them, but government courses may be free of charge. Training from a dealer is arranged on a case-by-case basis. 

If you need help choosing, repairing, maintaining, installing, operating, or validating an autoclave, this is our business and area of expertise for many years. Give us a call, in western Canada at (888) 818-4847. We can help with every aspect of autoclaves including choosing the right one for you. 

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