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Benefits of Pressure Displacement Technology in Autoclaves

June 25th, 2023
Benefits of Pressure Displacement Technology in Autoclaves

As you may already know, there are different types of autoclaves. Aside from size and holding capacity, the biggest difference is whether the autoclaves use pressure displacement technology or not. 

How Autoclaves Work 

Before we talk about the advantages of pressure displacement technology, let us briefly review how autoclaves work. In simple terms, autoclaves use heat, water, steam, and pressure to sterilize instruments, tools, and/or materials. Autoclaves perform only one job, but they do it reliably and are the gold standard for sterilization. 

Pressure Displacement Technology 

Gravity autoclaves are relatively simple compared to those using pressure displacement technology. Normally, in one area, water is turned into steam, and air is forced out of the autoclave. The remaining steam does the work of sterilization. 

With pressure displacement technology, the steam is generated in a separate part of the vessel. The advantage of this type of technology is the speed with which steam is created. This in turn speeds up the sterilization cycle. 


There are, however, some trade-offs. Pressure displacement technology is more complex than the simpler gravity autoclaves. The use of this technology implies a larger and more sophisticated autoclave which may not be appropriate for every setting. 

Both types of technology work impeccably. You should discuss your sterilization needs with your autoclave supplier to help determine which autoclave is best suited for your business and also how much space you have available for the autoclave. 

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