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Autoclave Use Within the Pharmaceutical Industry

Autoclave Use Within the Pharmaceutical Industry

When considering autoclaves, most of us think of hospitals or dental offices. But autoclaves are used throughout the pharmaceutical industry, and in today’s blog article, that is what we’re going to talk about. 

The pharmaceutical industry is vast. There is research and development of drugs in laboratories, the manufacture of drugs, and the dispensing of medicine in a corner pharmacy or a doctor’s office. 

Autoclaves will be found in each step of the pharmaceutical process because autoclaves are the gold standard for sterilizing equipment and materials. A pharmacy may have a small autoclave that sits on a counter. A pharmaceutical laboratory may have a large autoclave that takes up a whole room. 

Autoclaves have been around for over 150 years. And there is a good reason for that. They reliably sterilize all kinds of materials and tools with water, heat, steam, and pressure. They only do one job, but they do it extremely well. And it is easy to test the autoclave to make sure that it is doing its job as intended. Part of owning and operating an autoclave is the requirement that it is tested as outlined by the manufacturer on a regular basis. 

Every part of the pharmaceutical industry relies on sterility to handle medicine: to design it, manufacture it, package it, test it, and dispense it. Without sterility, it would be impossible to make medicine available to the public around the world. Medicine has to be pure and great care must be taken to ensure that no impurities contaminate it. 

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