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Autoclave Sterilization of Instruments and Equipment

December 1st, 2013

Critical to the safe use of dental, medical, tattoo and veterinarian equipment

Autoclave machines are the only appropriate way to sterilize medical equipment that is used on humans and animals that may pose a biohazard if improperly cleaned. Because of the high heat and pressure produced inside an autoclave, even equipment used in medical, dental, and veterinarian practices can be cleaned and re-used. Much of this sterile equipment is made of metal and can be safely re-used if it has been cleaned sufficiently. Autoclave technology allows for the safe sterilization of instruments and equipment.

Tattoo Equipment

Tattoo parlors often use an autoclave in order to properly sterilize equipment. Tattoos always draw blood, and blood is the major vector for many serious diseases. The most commonly feared diseases are HIV and Hepatitis C, but there are many others that can be transferred via blood and other bodily fluids. An autoclave can ensure that tattoo equipment is sterilized properly every single time.

Dental and Medical Instruments & Equipment

Many medical offices, from hospitals to private practices, rely on autoclaves to sterilize medical instruments and equipment. Because of the sensitivity of a medical setting, no risks can be taken when it comes to properly cleaning and sterilizing equipment. This may seem obvious, but we live in an age when we take the cleanliness of a hospital for granted. The risks to patients, especially those with already compromised immune systems, are grave when unsterile equipment is used improperly.

Although we don’t necessarily think about it, dental equipment is required to be sterilized in the same way as medical equipment. In both settings, the risk is based on the exposure of equipment to bodily fluids. Dental equipment is often exposed to blood during a dental examination or procedure. Even if it’s only the potential for contamination, it’s not worth the risk of sharing diseases between patients. That’s why an autoclave is so incredibly useful and important in both dental and medical practices.

Veterinarian Equipment

Animals are at risk of the same kind of infections as humans, especially when they take a trip to the vet. Veterinarians are always at risk of being blamed for an infection due to improperly handled veterinarian instruments and equipment. An autoclave takes any question of responsibility away from the veterinarian office.

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