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Autoclave Installation Tips

September 29th, 2021
Autoclave Installation Tips

Autoclaves are very important in the scientific, medical, and commercial communities. And large autoclaves can be a big investment. Here are some of our tips on their installation.

Water Supply

Autoclaves work with water and will be plumbed into a water supply. Water needs to enter and exit the autoclave for it to work. Water quality may also have to be examined. The water has to meet certain specifications for the autoclave to sterilize as designed and required.

Door Opening

Which way will you want the autoclave door to open. This depends on where it is placed and how it will be used. Similar to other large appliances, consider how those using the autoclave will be standing to load and unload the autoclave and how much space is taken up by the doors which swings open.

Extra Room

Depending on the size and type of autoclave, you will need some extra space all around the autoclave. Whether the autoclave sits on a counter, is mounted inside a cabinet, or is free-standing. The larger the autoclave, the more space you will need.

Power Supply

At minimum, the autoclave will need a dedicated circuit. The bigger the autoclave, the more is required to run it. You may need electrical professionals to help prepare for the installation.

Previous Autoclave

Do you have an autoclave that needs to be disposed of? Make sure your installation professionals can address this.

Your autoclave professionals will go over all of the autoclave installation requirements long before the equipment is delivered. However, knowing the above will help you plan for your autoclave.

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