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Class B autoclaves

Benefits of Pressure Displacement Autoclave Technology

There are different types of autoclaves, and the best-known types are Class N and Class B. Class B autoclaves use pressure displacement technology. In today’s blog we are going to talk about the benefits of this pressure displacement technology. So, first we want to review how an autoclave works. 

Autoclaves, In General 

Autoclaves use water, steam, heat, and pressure to create an environment that kills microorganisms, and as such, is the gold standard for sterilizing whatever tools or instruments or materials are sealed inside while the autoclave runs through its cycle. 

Class B Autoclaves 

The Class B autoclaves differ from the Class N autoclave in two main ways. First, the steam is generated in a separate part of the unit, designed just for creating steam. And the second characteristic is that air is removed from the main part of the unit with a vacuum pump before the steam is added. 

In a Class N autoclaves the air is forced out by the addition of steam. So, the difference here is that for Class B autoclaves, the full force of the steam reacts to the microorganisms faster because the air has already been removed. The steam can penetrate better and faster all the tools and devices being sterilized without having to push out the air. 

In addition, the argument could be made that the autoclave is more efficient because steam is produced in one small area. For example, if there is a problem with the steam, it is much easier to isolate and identify the problem because the area making steam does that and only that. 

Class B autoclaves are considered more sophisticated and higher end than Class N. This is because of their speed and efficiency. 

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